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How to Create through Positive Thinking

It happens to everyone, getting to your final destination but not remembering driving there, waking up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea or remembering something that you couldn’t remember yesterday.  These are all examples of your subconscious taking control.  The subconscious mind is working all of the time like an unfaltering database storing every memory and every emotional reaction to that memory in the mind.  The subconscious will collect both positive and negative emotions so it is up to you to safeguard your internal database with thoughts and emotions that make you feel good.  Napoleon Hill lists the Seven Major Positive and Negative emotions as:


Desire, Faith, Love, Sex Enthusiasm, Romance and Hope


Fear, Jealousy, Hatred, Revenge, Greed, Superstition, and Anger

Focusing on the positive will empower you to influence the subconscious mind to serve up to the universe the very things that you believe you deserve in your life. Thoughts that are charged with emotion have the potential to create, and because of this it is imperative that your conscious mind examines every thought pattern and keeps the positive and retrains or dismisses the negative.

The discipline of recognizing thought impulses allows us to control or program our internal database so that we can use thoughts to create new realities in our lives.  Napoleon Hill talks about disciplining our minds in Think and Grow Rich through the tool of auto-suggestion.  Consistent and continuous positive self-talk will always reframe the mind into only thinking about desires and reject the thinking and emotions that will hinder us from success.

Reflection Questions:

What beliefs do I have from childhood? Do I still have that same belief to this day?

Is there a belief that is not serving me in my business today? How can I change this belief?

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Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex desire: the most powerful of all human desires.  To harness this desire and shape it into a success venture we must first understand that there is a difference between physical and spiritual sexual urges.  We also have to acknowledge that the desire for sex, love and romance are inborn and value these urges so that we can prosper.

Developing a magnetic personality will allow you to appreciate and express sexual energy. The 21 elements that are important for achieving a magnetic personality are:

  1. Good showmanship
  2. Harmony within self
  3. Definiteness of purpose
  4. Appropriateness of clothing
  5. Posture and carriage of body
  6. Voice
  7. Sincerity of purpose
  8. Choice of language
  9. Poise
  10. A keen sense of humor
  11. Unselfishness
  12. Facial expression
  13. Positive thoughts
  14. Enthusiasm
  15. A sound body
  16. Imagination
  17. Tact
  18. Versatility
  19. The art of being a good listener
  20. The art of forceful speech
  21. Personal magnetism

A magnetic personality will enable you to control sex energy and use it for increased imagination and courage. When the powerful energy of these inborn urges are redirected to gain professional and financial success the mind reaches a heightened state of genius.  When motivated by sex, romance and love work evolves from being a burden to becoming a labor of love.

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Two Heads Are Better Than One!

When a mastermind is formed a collective knowledge is generated from the group of individuals.  The power that comes from organized knowledge comes from three sources: Infinite Intelligence, Accumulated Experience, and Experiment and Research.  The two distinct advantages of the mastermind are economic and spiritual or psychic.  The collective effort from a mastermind allows each individual to gain the advantage of experience, education, imagination and creates an overall increased energy when everyone works together in the spirit of harmony.

The most important aspect of a mastermind is being with like minded people who all want to work toward the same common goal.  Failure happens when there is not harmony in the group and as a result the negative energy leads to wasted effort. A well working mastermind will allow every participant to gain a new perspective and knowledge of expertise.  Treat your business and personal life like a team sport and watch yourself progress even faster — no man or woman can make it without a mastermind.

Reflection Questions:

Am I currently involved in a mastermind?

When was the last time I met with my mastermind?

Does your mastermind represent the person that you strive to be?

How does participating in a mastermind make me feel?

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Fight for Your Success!

Nothing in this world that is worthwhile will ever come easy.  That is why when you know what you want you must fight for it no matter what.  The most common reason for failure is giving up too soon.  Remaining persistent toward your goals despite opposition or negativity is a state of mind.  Think and Grow Rich lists the following qualities needed to cultivate persistence:

  1. Definiteness of purpose
  2. Desire
  3. Self-Reliance
  4. Definiteness of plans
  5. Accurate knowledge
  6. Cooperation
  7. Willpower
  8. Habit

These qualities have proven to carry the most successful people through adversity.  Napoleon Hill also lists the symptoms of “lack of persistence”.  The list of enemies that will keep you from achieving is an excellent guide for helping you to identify the very obstacles that could stand in between you and making your dream a reality.  The chapter on Persistence will open the mind to recognizing road blocks so that you can remain focused and continue to take action even when you may not feel motivated to do so.

Don’t wait for life to create the circumstances for you to succeed.  As a Millionaire In Training scholar the goal is to become self-made….so create the opportunity for yourself!

Reflection Questions:

Does negativity influence my decisions?

Am I able to overcome negative feelings? What tools do I use?

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Are You In Touch With Your Inner Child?

This week, the Millionaires In Training mastermind is advised to remember how they used to think as a child.  Imagination at its purest form can be found in the mind of a child playing and/or discovering.  The average adult has to be reminded to go back to a childlike state of thinking because social standards have caused the faculty of imagination to fade away to a dormant state.  Look at a child at play, when the game gets boring do they just give up and quit playtime? No way!  They make up more rules and criterion so that the game becomes even more entertaining and interesting.  Their imagination allows them to create solutions to problems so that they can keep moving forward.

Ideally, our imagination should be just as zestful as a child.  As adults, our imagination has turned into a mechanism for escape rather than a means to create something new or solve a problem.  Think and Grow Rich encourages us to open up our minds again and allow the workshop between our ears to reorganize existing ideas and/or to have direct communication with Infinite Intelligence.  The imagination can lead us to a plan by which we can transform an intangible impulse into a tangible reality.

Reflection Questions:

What role do questions play in imagination?

How do I expand my ability to imagine?

What environment is most conducive for creating and imagining?

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Knowledge Is Not Power

According to Napoleon Hill, Knowledge is potential power.  It becomes power when “it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end.” (Think and Grow Rich, “Specialized Knowledge”)  Millions of people do not fully understand this concept and seek out new education with the hope that it will give them more opportunity.  Many fall short after they have gained knowledge because they do not know that it is vital to take action by applying the knowledge toward realizing their definite purpose.

Specialized knowledge is used by the highly successful because they know exactly how to organize the information and take action to solve a problem or serve a need.  In this day and age it is much easier to acquire specialized knowledge through the internet (from valid/reputable sources). But the Millionaires In Training also have the power of the mastermind used by each participant to gain specialized knowledge that he/she might lack.  Using the mastermind principle will allow of its members to reach their goals faster.

Reflection Questions:

What is specialized knowledge?  How can I acquire it?

What is general knowledge?

Which is more important to acquire?

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All Principles Are Interconnected

The mastermind kicks off the week by connecting the first three principles of Think and Grow Rich: Burning Desire, Faith and Autosuggestion.  Since all of the chapters in Napoleon Hill’s influential book build on each other it is feasible for the mind to process these concepts and use them to achieve.

The first three principles emphasize the importance of visualizing what you want.  Not only should you be able to clearly see what you want but you must also be able to picture the feeling that comes with having that desire.  The Millionaires In Training scholars use Think and Grow Rich to sharpen this visualization tool.  Napoleon Hill says that it takes “everlasting persistence” toward the 6 steps listed in the chapter on Burning Desire to materialize an idea.

Remaining loyal to the practice designed in Think and Grow Rich will enable you to realize your goals faster and your experience will also show you that it really does work.

Reflection Questions:

What is the benefit of using autosuggestion?

Do I believe that all principles listed in the book are interconnected?