Your Wish Is Your Command

Books Are Magic!


reading is magic

Listening to today’s section of Your Wish Is Your Command further developed a fertile environment for internal growth. The power of reading is today’s focus as Kevin Trudeau explains the magic that happens when we learn from and interpret written word. He suggests that when we read we should observe and become an apprentice by becoming so engrossed in a book that we are oblivious to all outside influences around us.

Reading biographies and autobiographies of people who have been where we are and have what we want allows us to communicate and associate with successful people who are either not accessible at the present time or are deceased.  The goal and our focus needs to be on absorbing information our imagination and mimicking the actions of the subject from whom we are learning.  Concentration on the content in books will enable you to make faster examinations and conclusions than making live observations with your own eyes.  Books will get you to the highest level of effectiveness because your imagination has the ability to formulate thought impulses and desire that lead to definite demand. Be a passionate reader and you will materialize your capability to be do our have whatever you want.

Reflection Question:

What do the four basics mean to me?

Do I believe it is important to read?  What am I reading right now?



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